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Beware of dream killers

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

What is a dream killer? Any person inside or outside of your circle who tries to diminish your goals through negativity. A dream killer can be someone who is close to you, a best friend, significant other, someone you don't know, anyone. In actuality, some people may not even know they are deserving of this title. Have you ever pursued a goal that you shared with someone only for them to tell you why it wouldn't be a good idea, or why they think it can't be done? If so, this person is a dream killer.

From where I stand if you have reasons for why I am unable to accomplish a goal it is for one of the following reasons: It is something you can't do, you fear my potential to elevate, insecurity with your own mediocrity, or you are secretly praying for my downfall. All of these reasons may be true, or it could be something entirely different based on the individual. As a person who tirelessly pursues everything I set out to accomplish, I would never tell anyone why they can't or shouldn't do something. Even if it's a goal that I never envisioned for you, I will ask how you plan to get there and support you in any way I can throughout your journey. That is what it means to sincerely encourage, support, and uplift one another. Please remember that you will never truly fail as long as you have tried, regardless to whether you meet your initial target.

For anyone that has a dream that they are chasing, it is important for you to know that a dream killer only exists if you allow them to. The only person that can kill my dream is me and I will continue to operate in that mindset. It is definitely not easy all the time when you are starting something new, you don't have all of the answers, or if you have your own doubts about where you are headed and what you are doing. Be encouraged that your passion, belief in yourself, and your mission will take you down the path you are destined to go. In regard to the people that are working to kill your dreams, let them work backwards as you continue to push forward.


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