Life is a funny thing..

Even more than the times it makes you laugh..but the uncertainties it may bring


How yesterday's dreams become tomorrow's disappointment and the only appointments that can really be kept are none

Plans made for the next moment may not be kept and as easy as the next you too may be swept away

Who's to say your days will last forever..or until 9

So while you buy time make sure your moments are spent focusing on what matters most

It's all a game because even then what you hold the most high may not be...but really a figment of reality made a possibility by what you dream

Some say life is about the next scheme but in the grand scheme of things we are all pawns

A rook in a game of chess when the board hasn't even been laid to place the pieces on

A foundation..

Foundation of what? no truth..just life to live with questions and no answers to we hope and dream

That behind material things we can find happiness in another day..

Until this day becomes that day..and we're 85 and life has passed us by

Then we look back on our lives..

To find out a dream we chased was just a lie..but we're still happy we made it

All the images we had of the future have faded because the end is near

So we give hope to the young people and encourage them to live right so they can make it where we are

One breath between death and earth..

But it's ironic because that young one may make it there first


Life is Funny...

How essential it is to our existence..but vital to our extinction


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